I Spy Challenge

The marine debris that makes up Into the Current includes many unrecognizable pieces of plastic, but it also includes familiar things, and many aspects of modern culture are represented. Bottle caps, toys, grooming products, kitchen items, and much more are curated by the tides.

in the trees

Look closely at the sculpture, and try to find some of the objects listed below. Can you spot items that are used in your household? Do you see anything that could have once been yours?

  • toothbrushes
  • combs
  • razor
  • hairbrush
  • flyswatter
  • scrub brush
  • six pack holder
  • ballon weights
  • spoons
  • bottle caps
  • Frisbee
  • sand toys
  • tent spike
  • teething ring
  • Barbie hairbrush
  • bubble blower
  • bubble bottle
  • spice shaker top
  • Parmesan cheese shaker top
  • Jelly Belly badge
  • kite handle
  • toy carrot
  • Lego
  • My Little Pony
  • dental flosser
  • knife cover
  • Starbucks splash stick or cup stopper
  • shotgun shell
  • reusable water bottle lid
  • Vaseline lid
  • sunglasses
  • toy golf putter
  • reusable food storage container top
  • EOS lip balm container