Into the Current

Into the Current, created for the Kites Over Vista public arts program, represents the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the marine litter that gathers there due to circular currents in the Pacific Ocean that act like giant whirlpools, trapping plastic detritus and other debris. The title of the piece, Into the Current, has several meanings, alluding to both the ocean currents and the current reality of the health of our oceans.

It also represents the current issue of environmental racism related to plastics, and the extraction, manufacturing, and waste disposal processes that impact the health and well-being of people living near facilities that emit pollutants. Finally, Into the Current speaks to the current lack of meaningful action on the part of corporations and political leaders at all levels.


The three outer sections—or fins— represent the movement of the currents while the spiral and the circle at the center signify the swirling of the marine debris as it moves toward the “trash vortex.”

As an avid beach cleaner, I found much of the attached pieces of plastic  washed up on San Diego North County beaches. My sister and her husband, Judith Selby Lang and Richard Lang, also provided plastic that they have collected from Marin County beaches. In addition,  beach cleaners from around the world contributed bits to make Into the Current an international effort, illustrating that people everywhere have a direct environmental impact.


You can find Into the Current in front of The Wave Waterpark at 101 Wave Drive in Vista, California.