The Uplifting Power of Community

It can be all too easy to lose heart. There is so much wrong with the world one can quickly forget what’s right, but today I was reminded of the enormity of the good that still exists.

Organized by @1stcreamiatwin, a group of litter-picking, beach-cleaning, planet-loving people posted images of hearts to Instagram. The hearts, which were mostly made from litter, were created as a show of solidarity in support of @justgrabbits who works to inspire and unite us.

After marveling at each #welovejustgrabbits submission, I headed to the beach. As I walked, I felt the presence of these new friends. My heart overflowed with appreciation and the task of cleaning the shoreline was made a little bit easier knowing that I am not alone as I do my part to make our world a cleaner and more positive place.

From now on, whenever I begin to feel disheartened, I will reflect on the uplifting power of community and the love that connects us to each other and to the planet we all call home.

So far 36 uniquely beautiful hearts have been posted. Here are just a few:


Top row: @smartie_lids_on_the_beach; @woollybright; @emma_b_oakeley

Center row: @anna.kauffman; @janisselbyjones; @1stcremiatwin

Bottom row: @cleancoast_angel; @beauswalkies; @u2cstevo

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